Are Girls Good Or Bad

Girls are violent and evil as all hell
Get them mad and you’ll get dark hate
There’re quite mean as you can tell
And will leave you in a gruesome state
They will make you feel bad and put you in hating whirls
They will tell you that you’re a pile of nothing
And this is the work of the oh so hating evil girls
They will rip your sanity away and have you puffing
Don’t think of the monsters who give abandonment
Try not to remember the things they say
And if they want you to hand over the pain hand them it
Anything to just make them go the hell away
But at the same time girls are cute and sweet
They make you feel great and keep you moving on
But the last words you want to hear them speak
Is i fucking hate you then after that there’re long gone
But so many of them still deserve a chance
So beautiful so brilliant so lethal so gentle
Look in their eyes and lose yourself in a trance
And not a bit in the side of the state mental
They are like a rustled flower that’s caught in the breeze
And they can take away the hurt and pain
And how they are like strong great unyielding trees
What I can’t figure out will never be the same
Was how my love like that was refused
Then the moment came and I was sad
But I hate and love them I’m so confused
At the time I wonder are girls good or bad

by sam, corrupt S, finley

Comments (2)

wow..that was a good poem..yea some girls can be the angel from hell...and some can b the one you've always wanted....~hazel
Sounds a bit like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide. But yes some can be this way, as much as I agree and side against my gender. Patricia