(October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)

Are Oui Won

Yes did win
in days passed bi
though fute sures flight
in names like fry
if few are
we when time
let still be still
and light last rine
least of all
my heart forlorn
when effort made
arrives a thorn
shoaled air and winned
won one thers why
daft pickled sit
you a shone fi
fa there april
four cast a line
the ruts not sore
why right it so
when left over
is meek snow

i see the icy way
where warmth stay
and hate is play

can we in courage
the heart of men
to fear less men
and love egg n

the shit stirs
the s tars
the scars and scary
ways of fairy
be fae
tho in what was
does the reel
wind in the catch
which hand holds
the rod
the staff
the snake
the tree

until that sown is reaped
not north east

butt east south east

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