Are There Times

Are there times when you feel so utterly down
That you cannot bring yourself to walk out in the town
You sit in your room and you stare at the wall
Such moods known to many but not known to all.

Even in the pub when joy's din is loud
You will see a sad face in the happy drinking crowd
Not part of the group he drinks on his own
Many when they feel down they don't wish to be known.

The many human moods beyond most to explain
Yesterday you felt happy walking in the rain
On your way home from work walking on the main street
Even strangers to you with a smile you did greet.

The wild birds are piping in the balmy air
But you are beset by your black moods of despair
The sun shining bright on a beautiful day
But the tears from your eyes are not that far away.

Of the workings of the human mind even the best psychologists have much to know
The moods and the feelings to us come and go
But even on a cold day cold enough for to snow
The warmth of joy in the greeting of a cheery hello.

by Francis Duggan

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