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Are They Really Right?

Aliens, Bigfoot and monsters in spite
Who people talk about day and night
But the thing that concerns me
That most people can't see
Is that maybe those people are right

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This is so true that many are so quick to point out that something does not exist! ((Smile)) What would be funny was if a doubter would come across one of these 'So called make believe creatures! '...Now that would be funny! LOL I love your humour in this one and you provide much to think about in such a short simple poem! If you want to know the truth I swear when I was a girl about 8yrs old...I saw 'Big foot'...no word of a lie, I 4 sure Think I did! So go ahead...call me a Liar! ((Smile)) Have a Great day Jordan! =Shelley=
You provide an interesting perspective to ponder! ! Hugs, Dee