Are We?

i told him he hurt me.
i told him he caused me pain.
but that i still loved him
because it would never change.

he told me i deserved better.
said he knew i wanted more.
and i dont think he understood
how much my heart tore.

i told him i wanted him.
said i loved him and i meant it.
i said he was wrong.
i love you means commitment.

he told me he loved me.
said i was forever his.
and he was so very sorry.
for bringing up all this.

i said i dont care.
all i need is you.
he said i feel the same.
lovings hard to do.

we both said we were sorry.
we both laughed at our mistake.
but still hidden in our minds
was whether we're worth the wait.

by Desiree Whitamore

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i went true this before, & its a very good poem