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Are We Getting On.....?
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Are We Getting On.....?

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Do you recall the phrase
from yesteryear, called
Perhaps 'curb feelers'
or even 'steering knobs'?

Remember 'Continental kits? '
They were rear bumper
extenders and spare tyre covers
and made cars look as cool
as any Lincoln Continental.

And how about the ride
with Dad on sturdy
'running boards'?

Or 'wall-to-wall'
it was a term
much used in our homes.
Those days we covered
hardwood floors,
with wall-to-wall carpeting!
Today we cover our floors
with hardwood to be 'in'.

If you were pregnant
you were in
a 'family way'
as the term 'pregnant'
was too graphic
or too clinical.

To be polite
you mentioned storks
you were 'expecting'.
And how about
'brassière' for bra
or 'unmentionables'?
A 'picture show', which
could show what they called
'ratfinks' which was so nasty
you would need a permit
just to think it.

You got up in
the morning to start
the 'percolator',
you watched the
or listened to the

Kids got 'castor oil',
there were those
'telethons' for all conditions,
such as 'lumbago'.
or the 'vapours',
you were sent
without your
today it's 'dinner',
and 'political correctness'.

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Comments (3)

Are we getting on....? .... Yep! ! ! I so remember when 'pop-ups' were only found in books..... aroha, DDDxx PS... That was a very 'clear and clean' thought I had by the way, I trust you keep it that way...: ^) ~
I know some of these. Language is a living beast, indeed, always shedding skins, growing new ones, but that oversimplifies, it would take quite a poem to describe what that beast looks like! (I don't mean that as a criticism of yours above, you've given examples, you didn't have the intention to describe the whole beast.)
So true but someting always comes to replace them.