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Are You A Good Husband?
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Are You A Good Husband?

All married men want to be called a good husband
A good husband is a decent husband
Mr. Husband what you done to deserve this decency?
Has your wife ever referred to you as her good husband?
It is known that the eyes cannot see itself
Unless by reflection. Have you ever asked
Your wife for a performance appraisal
Honey, how did I perform last year?
On a scale of one to ten, one for very poor
Ten for excellent, how did I perform?
Your wife may think you are now on new drugs
If you receive less than six, you need to
Start fence mending before it is too late
A good husband sees his wife as his friend
A nice husband treats his wife as his lover
A decent husband regards his wife as a soul-mate
You should anticipate what your wife
Will need before she makes any request
By the way, have you ever bought a gift
For your wife without an occasion?
Do you have to wait for her birthday?
To inform her that she is very special to you?
Do you have to wait for your wedding anniversary?
To tell her that she is the best thing in your life
When last did you talk to your wife in-laws?
When last did you visit your wife in-laws?
What have you done to be called a good husband?
Ask for performance appraisal on a regular basis
Remember, if you make your wife happy
You will get happiness in return

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my wife (my fourth) would probably rather have YOU for her husband! ! are YOU married? i sense from the manner of some of your writing that you are or were once not an american. am i correct? i really enjoyed this except that i don't like being reminded of what my wife regrets about me.....mainly that i don't treat her as my lover....anymore at least. but i don't treat anyone ELSE that way either. that should count for something! thanks for sharing sir.
Really Good. Let this read by every husbands.
it's really good poem
Hi Julius.......... You have written the reality.............After reading your poem i am thinking about the life............why one has to face all this...........and this too from your lover's side..........Great job
i think you're a genius ;)