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Are You A Good Or A Bad Person?
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Are You A Good Or A Bad Person?

Everybody likes to be called a good person
All of us will prefer to be labeled a nice human being
What have you done to be called a good person?
What did you do to wear the label – a nice human being?
Have you done any favour to anybody today?
Have you assisted somebody this week?
Have you helped anybody this month?
Have you done any good to someone this year?
When last did you give money to the homeless?
When last did you show generosity to a beggar?
When last did you donate to a charity cause?
Have you ever suggested a better way of doing things?
Have you ever given an advice that improved someone’s life?
Have you ever made a recommendation that saved money?
Have you ever made a suggestion that saved time?
When last did you buy something nice for your parents?
When last did you present a gift to your wife or husband?
Do you have to wait for an anniversary to be generous?
When last did you volunteer for a good cause?
When last did you perform or do something
Nice and pleasant for your neighbours?
Now you ask – who are those neighbours?
Your neighbours are your wife, husband, partners,
Sons, daughters, co-workers, friends, associates,
In-laws, parents and those fellows near your house
Are you a good or bad person?
Before you provide a very honest answer
Look at yourself in the mirror
Search your soul and do a self-analysis
Are you a good or bad person?
Now it is time to answer

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Comments (2)

Why is it necessary to look in the mirror? Our sould is within us and it is a feeling we know without doubt. Guilt hurts the heart. Love fills it with warmth. I know my answer without a doubt. without a mirror and without pride. This was a great piece of writing. Hugs Jan
Wow, now this is soul searching. know it made me think, and truly hope that it makes everyone think Theodora Onken