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Are You Afraid Yet?

Fear has no 'Stop Signs'
As the heart of the guilty races it's course
Sweat forms upon their heavy brows
Yet the guilty show no remorse

Consequences, oh those consequences
Yes, a constant unstoppable ricochet
Are you ducking at every place you encounter?
Fearful your 'Karma' has come into play?

You're fearful of being found out - ALWAYS
Yet you never feel any shame -
When push comes to shove - this is not about love
In the end you only have yourself to blame

By, Theodora Onken (c) Copyright All Rights Reserved

November 24,2015

Tuesday - 4: 07 AM Central

Post Script***

Trying to never quite burn all your bridges
Always holding tightly to your 'Ace in the hole'
It looks as if your way of life has caught up with you
Wondering when the Devil purchased your soul.

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

Comments (4)

Thank you, Mike. Glad you liked it.
Yes our actions have a way of catching up with us. And when our actions are bad ones it creates a situation where looking over your shoulder and living in fear is the norm. Very good write Theo.
Thank you Veeraiyah for taking the time to read this. Yes, we all have had to take multiple jobs- just to make-during the early part of our marriage my husband had 2 jobs at once and i had one...we chose to live, survive honestly. We NEVER had any thought of obtaining it by doing anything illegal, EVER. Can honestly say our souls ARE in good hands- we are one with our God. Unfortunately there are some who would rather gain their fortune by gaining money from others in many an illegal, horrific way. My eyes have been opened as wide as they can get and am filled with much disappointment and hurt.
What people would do for money? Many may have two, three jobs to fulfill their needs, others may depend upon someone to fulfill their needs, after having burnt all the bridges.. but this poem talks about a few who have sold their soul for money.. Thank you for sharing your thought.