O Kali, Mother Full Of Bliss

O Kali, my Mother full of Bliss!
Enchantress of the almighty Siva!
In Thy delirious joy Thou dancest,
clapping Thy hands together!
Eternal One! Thou great First Cause,
clothed in the form of the Void!
Thou wearest the moon upon Thy brow.

Where didst Thou find
Thy garland of heads before the universe was made?

Thou art the Mover of all that move, and we are but Thy helpless toys;
We move alone as Thou movest us and speak as through us Thou speakest.
But worthless Kamalakanta says, fondly berating Thee:
Confoundress! With Thy flashing sword
Thoughtlessly Thou has put to death my virtue and my sin alike!

by Kamalakanta Bhattacharya

Comments (3)

That was beautiful the closeness one shared with another and the longing you felt.Loved it you are a great romantic writer.I truly enjoyed each line.Nice job! Nice chat! Liked beautiful day and shared our lives.beth hugs.
This one is a piece of art Kunal...Love it!
'I was a part of your life Today waiting to be deleted' Your poem has touchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhed me ++++10 regards anjali