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Are You All That I Need?

On one of your perfect winter mornings
I dragged my steps away from your door
Couple of unanswered wishes hanging loosely from my pocket
I was walking down with an uneasy air
It was filled with our memories and last drops of your tears waiting to evaporate.
The farther I went closer I reached the gate that opened nowhere
With unwelcomed written everywhere
Are you all that I need?
Or I am just a wanderer trapped in threads of emotions

I was a part of your life
Today waiting to be deleted
Sometimes we hide so that we can leave a mark
Or a scar of what used to be a beautiful day
Egoes talked everyday unafraid of their slaves
We were the slaves could never overpower our master or his ways
Like puppets hanging with threads and fixed expressions who cared?
Are you all that I need?
Or I am just a loser who gained his peace

I carried with me an old rose and a sepia picture of you
Taken on one of the occasional days when tears took an early break
When arrogance slept and our eyes met
You looked beautiful in that cotton dress
With your hair slipping down your shoulder in unrest
We sat and shared our lives
Our wrongs and rights
Are you all that I need?
Or I am looking for a piece of me hanging from your backyard trees

I come every day to your door
Waiting for a glimpse of what used to be mine
I see you lost and forgotten with an occasional smile
That scent of you that drove me crazy every time
Wish I could knock and reclaim everything
But I lost my touch, my senses washed away
I could only watch so I kept coming back again
Are you all that I need?
Or I am just a ghost discarded in the breeze.


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Comments (3)

That was beautiful the closeness one shared with another and the longing you felt.Loved it you are a great romantic writer.I truly enjoyed each line.Nice job! Nice chat! Liked beautiful day and shared our lives.beth hugs.
This one is a piece of art Kunal...Love it!
'I was a part of your life Today waiting to be deleted' Your poem has touchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhed me ++++10 regards anjali