Are You Asleep?

Poem By Linda Harnett

I spend my time,
When you are gone,
Just listening,
To a favourite song,
Or gazing somewhere,
Up above,
Or write a sonnet,
Words of love,
They tumble, tortured,
From the sky,
I’m feeling low,
And feeling high,
That’s the way to be,
I watch a movie,
On TV,
I catch the news,
On channel ten,
Storm and tempest,
Strike again,
So difficult,
To contemplate,
They’re queuing up,
At Heaven’s Gate,
I sit a while,
And say a prayer,
It’s getting late,
And thankful now,
For you and me,
Discard the scene,
That’s on T.V.
And in the quiet,
Time to weep,
Where are you now?
Are you asleep?

Comments about Are You Asleep?

I very much enjoyed this poem. Thanks for sharing it.
Thank you for this poem. It echos my current sentiments exactly, but in an eloquence that still eludes me. I will pass it on.

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