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Are You Bragging Or Complaining
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Are You Bragging Or Complaining

It's becoming very common to find,
Those who choose to live alone.
And with it done on their own...
To make ends meet,
Without passing judgements on others,
Or what they should do with their lives...
Like those who have time to criticize,
Whenever they meet another...
Surprisingly on the street.

Although people who do,
Have this kind of time to find spend none of it...
Understanding to comprehend,
Why they involve themselves in heated arguments...
With spouses, lovers and/or room-mates sharing space,
To still fault to accuse others and with blame to claim...
That those who choose to live alone,
And happy with their lives...
Are lucky and have it made to have chosen,
Not to be pressured into living a life with no peace of mind.
Or time to find it.

'You don't know what it's like to live a life I have.'

~And who would have thought my life,
Would have turned out the way it has?
I am both grateful and blessed I kept my faith.
I'm sure if I had not...
Your judgements to pass and criticisms made,
Will still have me being the main topic in your house.
But I can tell, you have a lot on your hands these days.~

'You don't know what it's like to live my life.'

~You're right.
I know.
But are you bragging or complaining,
About those choices you made? ~

'I'm doing neither.
I'm just having a simple conversation.'

~That's great.
I could if I chose to brag.
What point would I make,
If you knew nothing about the obstacles I had to face,
To eliminate.and have done to do successfully.~

How wonderful.
I'm happy to hear you're not bragging about it.'

~What more can I say?
God has been...~

Have a good day.
I have so many things to do,
Before I attend church tomorrow.'

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