(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Are You Expecting Me To Care?

Applying the brakes to escape,
The fast pace of a hectic life...
One has lived to experience,
A rushing through it as if this is meant...
To address impressions one attempts to make,
Stops when one decides to begin to appreciate...
A peace of mind one finds,
That has finally come their way one day.
And with a praying done,
It is hoped this peace with them stays.

'Whatever that is you have,
Where can I get some?
What price did you pay?
Is it available to anyone? '

I'm sure it is.

'Why are you showing me your scrapped knees? '

That's nothing.
I would take you to that brick wall,
Where I would go to hit my head against.
But thanks be to God and God only,
That building was torn down.
Before my brains were splattered on it.

I am asking you a serious question.
And all you can give to me are jokes? '

See my smile?
And these perfectly set and gleaming teeth?
Years ago I left the original ones,
In a mangled car I drove into a telephone pole.
And that was not my intention.
I went to reach for a strawberry milkshake,
That spilled all over me.
In those few seconds I forgot I was driving.

'Are you expecting me to believe,
Your joy and happiness began 'then'?
With that peace of mind you seem to have received?
Are you expecting me to believe that? '

No offense!
But are you expecting me to care?
I do suspect there are less expensive routes to take.
I just happen to be aware of which events got me there.
And the price for each 'mistake' I made.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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excellent work, Lawrence