AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Are You Going To Let Go

I searched deep into your eyes
For a spark of light to materialize
But I’m not crazy, baby
There’s more to life than gravy
Will that feeling ever surface again
It’s been missing since who knows when
I need to know
Are you going to let go
My heart is open with nothing to hide
No matter what you decide
All my cards are on the table
All my feelings willing and able
The last time I checked
My life was far from wrecked
But I need to know
Are you going to let go
Sometimes love blindsides you
It can happen a time or two
But when the ripple loses it wave
Who will be left standing there to save
But I cannot exhaust my imagination
Knowing I’m no longer part of the equation
So free me from that ball and chain
Creating scars and mental strain
All I need to know
Are you going to let go

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In order to leave behind one you've once felt so deeply about can often trouble its going to take a lotta beer and tears but eventually you'll find the other party has moved on and now its your turn. Excellent piece you continue to impress me. Remember Spread yourself! ! ! !
Falling out of love is a two way traffic, letting go of someone you loved in the guise of falling out of love is crucial decision to make; make sure your decision will not haunts you! A 10.