(Spring / Rio 40 Graus..Cidade Maravilha...Delray Beach)

Are You Happy Now?

I lost the track but not the faith
I lost the connection can't feel you safe
Can't tell where you are, or what you are feeling
Don't know if you are well, neither imagine you breathing.

I lost the track of you and me,
Confusion, mistakes, or bad signal
Whatever may be, I lost you again.

The inspiration is gone, I can feel the space,
Opening again, for someone else,
Or something new, as life goes on,
in change boon...

It’s changing right now, it’s rolling fast,
I won't hold back, I will let it go,
Wherever you are, ZEST.
Enjoy it NOW, and give to IT your BEST.

Don’t cry, don’t break, don’t regret,
Enjoy and Fly, My Bright little secret.

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Comments (5)

It sounds like if you are still in love with your secret man. If you wren't, you would not think of him, or much less write a beautiful poem about him.
Lost track perhaps of somethings, but in this gem no love has been lost...It's full in the end of letting go and wishing well, not an easy thing to accomplish. This is marvelous and gentle and touching.~~~marci, xo, ~~~
that is a beautiful poem you should be pleased lou
Thanks for this, Karina! oh, yes I am! it's a tall order from the Lord to stay happy.nice poem here, Karina
wow thats very well written u write amzing words of poetry and thanx 4 the comments