NE (May 9,1966 / Terrell Texas)

' Are You In Lust? '

Are you in lust with the world and all its glory?
Are you caught up in fantasy, some fairy- tale story?

Do you live for the moment and crave after feeling,
Self-Satisfied lust, the world keeps on dealing?

This material world, for which we strive,
says 'Get all you can, while your still alive.'

'Claim those riches, and build up a treasure,
go for the gold, yes, money is pleasure.'

I'm sorry my friends, but I must break your hearts,
those riches will stay, when your body departs.

'The love of money, is the root of all evil.'
If you trust in possesions, Salvation is feeble.

Don't let the world, throw you a curve,
it's either God or money, only one to serve.

Cause serving two masters, it can not be done,
pure satisfaction comes from serving God's Son.

For a camel shall pass through a needle before,
one who loves money, will see Heaven's door.

Stop concerning yourself, how the rest will react,
you may loose some friends, it's a well known fact.

Stand up proud, let the worldly see us,
that we're seeking the riches, to be given by Jesus.

These things that you glory in and love with a passion,
can't even compare, to our Heavenly Manison.

So lay up your treasures, not here on this Earth,
but build them in Heaven, for a spiritual worth.

You've got to take that lust and turn it to love.
Start craving the things from God up above.

The things Heaven offers, are oh-so much better,
fix your eyes up on Jesus and be a Go- Getter.

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Comments (8)

A real good poem, as far as rhyming goes, and I, ahh, take that you are a stronge believer in god.
very good phylosophy nicely expressed. posted 10 love surya
Fantastic penning Nora, you've captured this moment perfectly my friend..Bravo! !
it is a very nice poem.i loved it. nowadaya man is following the path in which he could find more and more money. i liked the lines 'are you caught up with the world and its glory? '
A nice poem, wel written. Like it.
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