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Are You Married Or Single?
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Are You Married Or Single?

Marriage is an institution that changes human life
After the wedding ceremony a brand new life begins
This means that nobody is ever the same again
Everybody anticipates better life after the wedding
Not all anticipation materialize the way we wanted
If you are one of the happily married ones
You should count your blessings and rejoice
Human beings get married for many reasons
Many get married for love and affection
Some get married for money and security
Few get married for convenience and expediency
Other people get married to have children
While the rest are married for other reasons
Marriage is meant to increase our happiness
But not all the married ones are truly happy
Those who are happily married, rejoice
Because they found the compatible partner
Because they have beautiful children
Because they love and respect each other
Because they sincerely care for each other
Because they have understanding in-laws
Staying married does not mean that your life
Is free from worries, problems and tribulations
Always remember your vows on the wedding day
For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer
If you are given the chance to do it all over again
Will you marry the same partner?
Or you will prefer marrying somebody else
Whatever may be your response or answer?
Please stay happy and enjoy the moment

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This is a truly great poem.Im getting married soon and iv been hearing nagetiv things about marriage from friends, and this give poem gives light.Thank you very much for sharing it with the world
Very clever writing! Well thought through!