Are You Pretty?

Poem By Jessica Dunlap

Are you pretty?

You are the same decaying
organism as everyone else!

You will die.

You will decay as thousands
of little bigs eat away at your flesh.

Just because a girl does not have
flawless hair or perfect teeth or maybe
she dosent have clear skin.

You are NOT better than her.

So, the next time you look in the mirror a
and wonder if your pretty and you
think you are better than all of the other girls

Remember This!
You are the very same no different
at all decaying organism as every one
else! ! !

Comments about Are You Pretty?

SO FULL of RAGE, PASSION< AND ANGER i simply love it good work ~MaXxwell Murder
I believe there may be a spelling error, but still a great poem. A definite 10 for truth and use of words. Enjoyed. -Kylie M. Lynch
This poem's message reminds me a little bit of The Carcass, by Baudelaire... have you read it? :) Anyway, I agree 100% with what you're saying here. Can I make you a suggestion, though? : P You could work some more on the poem's shape, so as to make the message sound more eloquent. Just a suggestion, :) Good job.

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