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Are You Serious?
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Are You Serious?

Poem By Jordan Cummins

What've you become?
Have you no sense?
What is the sum?
Why are you tense?

Make up your mind,
You're too fickle.
I won't be kind,
You're in a pickle.

Get a clue.
Get a life.
We aren't through,
There's more strife.

Learn to cope,
Or else discover,
There is no hope,
You have no lover.

Weep and mourn,
It's in the works.
Be forlorn,
Inside it lurks.

Maybe I'm wrong,
You're the same.
Life is a song,
And your's is lame.

Chorus? Who needs it.
All you have is verse.
Go on, throw a fit,
Prove you own a curse.

Beauty's on the inside,
But so is regret.
Your remarks are snide,
I'm willing to bet.

Think of these words,
When you try to rest.
Sharper than swords,
Don't be my guest.

That's a start,
I must take leave.
Remove your heart,
From your sleeve.

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This poem was awesome. 'Are You Serious'? is a phrase my awesome bf uses. LOVE it! Now, I have to go walk *Maggie.* Love, ~Mar (Sarah)