Are You Sure?

Are you sure?
Have you really thought this through
To choose to live without God
What will you do?

A life full of heartaches
Christ is the only love
And only through him
Can you be thought of

Why would someone choose death
When you have the right to life
All of heaven he gives
As an heir to Jesus Christ

You've rather be bound
In a burning hell of shame
When it's as easy
As the mention of his name

Are you sure?
Just seems a little crazy
You'd choose death, hell, and the grave
My minds a little hazy

And eternity of demons and hell
You've chose for a few days on earth
Our God in heaven
Chose you long before birth

What could he be thinking?
A life of happiness, joy, and peace
When you could be in seclusion
With darkness, hate, and beast

No, it doesn't sound logical
To live like we were
Say, yes to Jesus
Say, yes I'm sure!

by Lagaya Evans

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