MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Are You Sure You'Re Wrong?

'UK schools may no longer be obliged
to teach right and wrong'...

well, OK, but how do we know
whether that decision's right
or wrong?

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An important musing, this, at heart. Wo/mankind has become so self-important and so self-serving (blahblahblah) that in seeking to do what is 'best' for society, it has really gone to the other extreme - all in the name of humanism. Idiots! Who suffers most? The young, the weak, those w/o a voice... Forgive the rant; delet.e at will. And thanks for this, Michael.
They should teach diversity of opinion. And judge and 'teach'' as 'wrong' only those which are. Oh.... Oops. Back to your well-posed original question.... M, I think this is SO to the point. t x
If we neglect a basic moral code of kindness and respect then this will be our downfall The slate if wiped clean of lessons learned from right and wrong may have no room for guidence, therefore we will stumble and fall Thankyou for this Micheal Love duncan X