If I Were A Bird!

If i were a bird
I would fly so high
If i were a bird
I would touch the sky
Carefree and happy, I would be
Miles i would fly over land and sea
I would on grain and bread
The message of Love and
Peace i will spread
If i were a bird
I would be really glad
If i were a bird
I would never be sad


Comments (4)

Whitman may have been well enough known when writing this poem to have experienced a 'groupie' or two looking to adopt him as the fullfillment of their own aspirations. If so, this is a needed bucket of cold water tossed on their delusions.
I did not like this poem very much because it almost sound as if he is trying to make her think he's not trustworthy or the material that she may be looking for.
I think that one reason I like this poem is because it is about love, but isn't talking about it in the usual sense. Whitman in this poem is not talking about his love for someone else, he is talking about the possibility of someone else loving him. I like the feeling of confidence in this poem. You have to be fairly confident in your writing to write something that you aren't sure of. I also like the idea of warning someone that they might not be all that they are hoping for.
In this poem, he is telling a girl that if she tries to get with him she is in for a big surprise. He tells her how he is not at all how he appears, and that his looks are deceiving, and her expectations are unreal.