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Are You The One? ? ?
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Are You The One? ? ?

All & all,
Over it's asked.
Are you the one?
To heal the past.
To wash it aside and push it away?
To make it all just be OK?

You are my now,
You are my tomorrow.
You are my moment, to keep to uncover.
You're what I will take for now until it's time,
For fate to say when we must say good-bye.

I hold your hand and live in that time.
I am grateful its there so precious is our time.
Things sometimes happen that lead us in different ways,
Doesn't mean we don't cherish the love that we've made.

Are you the one?
Yes in away,
Your the one to make sunshine for some of my days.

Are you the one?
Yes when it counts.
When I need to laugh you give me humor when life beats me down.

So many reasons to try and count.

Yet I know really only this one counts.

You are the one,
For what we have,
No make believe.
No untruth in our path.

You are the one,
For what I need,
In this moment you are all there can be.

When time decides it's ready we will do what we must,
Yet I will go on knowing I loved you so very very much.

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