Are You Thinking Of Me?

Poem By Scarred Unknown

Laying on my floor staring at the roof
I’m only thinking of you
But you’re thinking of her
Why can’t it be me?
That you think of
As you lie in bed
Thoughts of me through your head
Why couldn’t it be me?
So what now?
Are you thinking of me?

I thought of you today
These words went through my head..
“Good bye baby”
Tears come to by eyes
From the last words you said
As you kissed me goodbye
I wished I could have kept you more
Sitting there with me
But all things must come to an end
So here I lay...
Are you thinking of me?

Comments about Are You Thinking Of Me?

i like it. it says wat ppl usually want to scream, but dont have the guts to...
hmm its really good... the first stanza is kinda not flowing but u can change it around its still really good i likes

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In movies is where we all see this feeling of love and feeling of dreams. I see it there it seems so pleasant, it seems as if walking on air. I see in movies the love we dream of, and think to myself why can I not have it? Why can I not feel it? I long for it, as if love is all that exists to make me happy to make me feel.
We watch in their eyes and see so much life. We see that there is none but the one in front of them. We think we can have it, that love in front of us. We think that it is real, the love in front of us. There is no such, that love on the screen. There is no such thing as true love.

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