(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

'Are You Wasting Your Life? '

'Are you wasting your life? '
How would anyone know?
If you have decided to find it worthless.
If you have defined it...
As a waste!
Prior to opening that question,
You have already chosen it...
As a closed debate!
If you are looking for confirmation,
You have to look within not 'without'!
And it appears...
You have looked about outside of yourself,
To qualify your existence.
A self obsession with less,
Has already been declared!
And you have not been 'there' within yourself at all!
You seek a definition,
That will never satisfy what you would like to hear!
So 'if' your life is a waste to you...
Why bother to disperse the trash?
Why bother to even ask?
You have already decided,
Your selfishness exists!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

This poem? Please reference Shalom Freedman's 'Am I Wasting My Life' I could not help but respond openly to that poem! I am troubled by one of creativity to embark on such a road. I 'hope' Shalmon wrote this composition as an 'observance' of those who 'may' feel this way. These are times for the 'economy' to become 'depressed'. However...so much is there for one of creative expression to explore!