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Aren'T We
AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Aren'T We

Aren’t we but a grain of sand?
Waiting to be washed out to sea
Aren’t we like water in our hand?
Washing away unwanted debris
Aren’t we but an assembly of distance stars?
That can disappear in the blink of an eye
Aren’t we just soldier ants marching away from wars?
Marching in circles around an unattended pie
We are so insignificant
Yet a beauty to behold
Making us magnificent
A story needed to be told
Aren’t we mole hills standing next to mountains?
Staring at a staircase going nowhere but down
Aren’t we wasting money tossing it in wishing fountains?
Better spent on balloon animals made by a silly clown
Aren’t we gathered sheep lost at heaven’s gate
Waiting for the lost shepherd to awaken
Aren’t we fallen leaves raked over Mother Nature’s estate
But I could certainly be mistaken
Being so inconceivable
This home we call a planet
Being so unbelievable
So easily taken for grant it

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Wow, this is a beautiful poem Al, about the essence of life! Profound truths, captured so evocatively. Cheers Anita