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Aren't You Up For This My Saint

Sweep you clean your pass intentional for gainthe poet over- the hunt goes on:
The baits carnal international - gal, sum, bank leading in UK -data perused-
Traitsfacial of grief, cosmetics, sorrow special - shock, sympathy seduced,
The ruse sensational -fox mimics fiscal freedom body capabilities reduced,
An account ofsalvation army is tipped,
Fees, expenses to modesty are clipped,
Bitter salty tears poured and sipped-
In company of some holy father and advocate of banknotes I transfer
To prove the probity of suffocating sobs here I refer
To make me subject of your credit mercy I incur
But darling the transfer of real money -be it my way-
The painted clipper on the painted ocean -so poetic let me say
We should be prosaic, security titanic, put sentiments aside ok?
Nota benedarling -keep your appetite for me keen and foremost-
Near the painted island of bliss the clipper is cruising off coast
Where my stuck naked tenderness remains faithfully foreclosed
But the brush of all the sweepoftreasure island
Is in your hands and God's intention for my gain
Aren't you up for this my saint?

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