AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

Argentinean Cowboy

I met him on Spring Break,
He gives me a heart ache.
It is hilarious you see,
He’s everything I want to be.
Teacher of Spanish,
Oh, how I so wish;
To get a kiss,
(Of) Heavenly bliss.

Curly brown hair,
I would not dare;
Let him out of my sight,
If I did I just might,
Have forgotten his face.

A memory of grace.
“Hablamos en espanol”, said he,
What a surprise it was to me!
So perfect in every way,
Why couldn’t we always stay?

It was attraction at first,
Lets go on to the next verse.
I realized I couldn’t win,
My luck I couldn’t have him.
Then he took notice in me,
Which really filled me with glee.
He wanted to see,
What was drawn by me.

I try to draw his face,
To remember that place.
A dangerous game,
But I have no shame,
Of all the memories;
I’ve no apologies.
For soul-mates,
Don’t need dates,
To clearly see,
What is to be.

I do want-a,
Go there for school.
That’d be so cool.
It is the school he told me,
Would be the right place to be.
In Spain,
To gain,
More fluency,
No truancy.
That way I can live on,
Not always a sad song.

We may not belong,
But maybe I’m wrong.
Things happen for a reason.
No, I am not just teason’1
I bet,
We met
By fate,
A bait;
For a life together,
There is nothing better.
“To bad,
To sad.”
I’m not glad,
I’m not mad.
I only miss,
Heavenly bliss.
I only wished,
I could’ve kissed.
Now I wait,
For my fate
To unwind,
And to bind;
Our souls together,
Then It’ll be better.
‘Till then I try to draw,
That lovely face I saw.

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