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Arguing With The Inner Me
AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)

Arguing With The Inner Me

Poem By Ashley Olson

Your so stupid
Such an idiot
Just leave her alone
She's young she don't know better
Put that knife down
Walk away right now
Don't raise your voice to me
What did I just tell you?
Get up out of here
I know you don't care
You want to go back to jail
Because that's where your heading again
Wow your a dumb ass
Now what if she goes and tells
I cant believe you
You make me sick
Why don't you ever use your head?
Your never going to change
I knew it

Im not stupid
Your the idiot
She started with me first
Well now she's gonna know better
Fine I put it down
Im not getting loud
I hear you
But i'm NOT leaving
I don't care
No I don't want to go back to jail
No i'm not going back
Im not the dumb ass she is
She shouldn't of raised her hand at me
Whatever yo
I make you sick
I'am using my head
What I'm going to let her hit me
I've changed your the one that needs to change
I don't want to hear this right now....

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Oh man you got problems honey, , , , think happy thoughts it might help have a nice day dave xxx