Where The Two Paths Led

There was a trail many people walked on
A trail of sinfullness and sorrow
And promenades were taken from dusk to dawn
The trail held a grim future people knew so well
It was a grim future that could lead them straight to hell
Fortunately there was another path that lay about
A path that most people ignored and left out
One day a wise man saw the two paths he could take
One with a billion footprints filled with mistake
And one with no footprints at all left him dubious for the decision he'd make
He had no desire of sin, for he was a holy man
Yet, he was afraid of being the only one to take a stand
Sweat travelled down his forehead and on to hands that trembled at a fast pace
He knew the decision had to be made quickly, it was a race
He lifted his foot and started walking
The people on the other road glared and started talking
Once he started walking, he refused to turn back
For he knew his holiness would fade and lack
The farther he travelled the more the people talked
Despite the vexation they caused him, he walked and walked
He knew nothing would stop him from reaching his destiny the road kept
He grew stronger and stronger when he realized there were only a few steps left
When he reached his destiny, he appreciated the decision made
He was glad he walked quickly and nothing was delayed

by gigi333 diamondgirl

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