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Wear me thin...Look upon, then within.
Your pretense means nothing,
As we all face Time's hand
standing at an arm's length from his grasp.

Silence pulls me close,
telling what you never will.
I came like flooding waters
to only leave dry as bone.

Nothing can explain this hovering notion,
other than I'm farthest step from delusion
And the closest to an illusion
of what love should be.

Like a stream changing direction,
cutting a path toward new reflection
As I'm not one to drown in silence,
or gaze unto eyes too blind to see.


version 2 below
Wearing me thin...
Look upon, then within
Pretense means nothing,
as we face time's hand
Standing but an arm's length
from his grasp.

Silence pulls me close
telling what he never will,
Whispers with hovering notion
as streams change direction,
divulging each reflection.

Not one gazing silently
escapes time's shallow pool,
The current's are set
as each day drowns slow.

2007 sinnaminsun (revised 2009)

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