Arid Inscape

My eloquence gets condensed
Into a sterile teardropp
At the mere premonition
Of half a moment
Of separation.

My emotions well up
Like a deluge of tears
Ready to burst forth with
The intensity of an avalanche
That buries all on its trail.

Yet, like a caged bird,
I helplessly flutter around
Within the confines of
My uncreative passions
Too feeble to articulate my plight.

(23rd July,2007-20.23 pm)

by asma bahrainwala

Comments (3)

this is a very powerful which portrays the personal agony of a future separation, it also hints vividly the helplessness of the poet through the symbol of 'caged bird' thanx.
I see creative passions flowing here - you capture the frustrations of this 'arid inscape' perfectly. JZ.
As I see it, here the poet is trying to speak up, yet the words/creative juices do not seem to flow! and it's beautifully true Asma style! ! !