The Story Of Every Night

I think of you when the night time comes
I think of you when the light goes away
I wander how that love is gone
I think of every word we used to say
I remember every moment we spent together
I feel so much of sorrow and pain
I feel how cruel was the way you left
But wish I could have you back again
I blame that destiny who took you away
To let me know a truth that I never wished to know
I blame that heart who still want you
I tell him you're gone and life must go
then light comes back and I couldn't even sleep
Suffering of thoughts of a terrible mind
and that's the story of a broken heart
Who still believe that love is not blind

by Mostafa Abdelrahman

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You surely know how to wrote, I like each and every poem of yours
This was relevant in Vietnam. It is also relevant in Iraq. Our govt learned the arithmatic and now has volunteer army army and fights battles with technology that lowers casualties. Alas, however, in a police operation like we are now doing in Iraq, the arithmetic becomes relevant again.