(6 January 1878 – 22 July 1967 / Illinois)

And I Stopped

an intrigued word I heard and I stopped
yes she was there
the fate called me and I stopped

walk alone, made me so incomplete
listened the world but It's split

thousands of voices made me dumb
I shrugged my shoulder in acceptance

It wasn't piped down when I blasted
lost in the mob where everything was fainted

sucked down my curiosity under the cuffs
I was outta oxygen when air bubble puffs

to get my existence back it was voyage to fate
I fell on earth where love in the heart is set
I'm ready to move on, damn you it's a bet
strong enough to capture every heart's gate

The word was love, I heard and I stopped
yes there she was
the fate called me, I heard and I stopped.

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I’m in 5th grade and I picked this poem to memorize. It’s a little hard to memorize, but it’s so witty and clever.
I'm so happy I found this poem. My grandmother had typed a copy for me when I was in grade school, but I lost it. I've spend years and years racking my brain trying to remember just a little bit of the poem to search for it and now I've finally found it!
Lovely poem. Enjoyed it thoroughly, though I have always been scared of the subject in school. Thanks for sharing.
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