Never Give Up On Life

Never give up on life live for as long as you can
That goes for every woman as well as every man
We only live once at life no second chance
So why not be happy and laugh, sing and dance.

Never give up on life though you are aged and gray
And live for the moment and enjoy every day
Our time is too short for worry and woe
The sad sacks of the town few do wish for to know.

May your last day be your hardest as some are known to say
For the weeks hurry by and time keeps ticking away
We are only mortals like the sheep or the cow
And we only can live in the here and the now.

The great gift of life is a marvellous thing
And it's praises we ought to feel happy to sing
Your crosses may be hard to bear but why wish to die
Since none know of a hereafter and the facts never lie.

by Francis Duggan

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I’m in 5th grade and I picked this poem to memorize. It’s a little hard to memorize, but it’s so witty and clever.
I'm so happy I found this poem. My grandmother had typed a copy for me when I was in grade school, but I lost it. I've spend years and years racking my brain trying to remember just a little bit of the poem to search for it and now I've finally found it!
Lovely poem. Enjoyed it thoroughly, though I have always been scared of the subject in school. Thanks for sharing.
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