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Arithmetical Progresssion
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Arithmetical Progresssion

Poem By ivor or ivor.e hogg

When driven by a bow of yew
A clothyard shaft which truly flew
would pierce plate armour through and through
and many were the knights we slew.

The armoured knights had previously
overridden the enemy.
By charging at them furiously
were now picked off quite easily.

By archers who were common men
The tides of war had changed again,
no longer favoured noblemen.
Against the lower classes when

a simple peasant with a bow
can lay a titled warrior low.
The knights vowed that on the morrow
They would avenge their recent sorrow.

The peasants were supposed to fly
when challenged by the cavalry.
Noble men weren’t meant to die
but arrows brought equality.

This was a lesson archers learned
and with it dignity returned.
Each man received just what he earned
and thus the style of battle turned.

No longer would the knights prevail.
Their furious charges doomed to fail
Plate armour worn to no avail
when armour piercing arrows sail.

In whistling clouds which bring quick death.
to lordly knights who ride beneath.
A well placed arrow stops their breath
transports them to the River Lethe..

What did we learn from history.
How to kill men distantly
more quickly and efficiently
improving the technology.

But we are learning as we go
moving to muskets from the bow.
Although advances may be slow
dissatisfied with what we know.

Man invents better ways to kill
in striving to enforce his will.
Death has his quota to fulfil
The common man still foots the bill.

Now officers, aristocrats
though they are wearing different hats,
are still the same self serving pratts.
Who despise diplomats

Proclaim the justice of the cause
always advise the use of force
Convinced that they are right of course
and when proved wrong show no remorse.

It does not dent their self esteem.
As long as they’re allowed to scheme
a world at peace is just a dream.
Mankind will not work as a team.


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Comments (4)

Written and reflected by a true justice seeker. Kind regards Aine
Ivor! Your poem describes it accurately, as proven down through history World peace (may) come to all one day; a dream that seems so far away! Thad *10*! ! !
Your poem is profound and sadly true. Very well penned.
Wow. This poem was awesome. Wonderfully written. And you ended it perfectly, : D You're a great story teller, you know? :) Very nice job with this!