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Arkay D A S S - A Poet From Poem Hunter
Florida Angel (Spring / Rio 40 Graus..Cidade Maravilha...Delray Beach)

Arkay D A S S - A Poet From Poem Hunter

Nobody knows, not Even Myself,
The wonderful secrest hidden in yourself.

Nobody knows, not even themselves,
Where in INDiA You Hide Yourself.

Nobody Knows, not even yourself,
HOW talented the GIFT you share with ourselves.

Thank you! ! ! ! !

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Well written
Amazing Poem! ! ! Amazing Friend too! ! really Arkay is an amazing friend
Arkay is an amazing friend and poet, and this is a wonderful poem that expresses his knowledge and his worldy 'secrets' that from time to time he shares, if you are lucky enough to be chosen... thanks for the tribute to our mutual friend! Lee
Within your self even the wisest of secrets are common themselves though hidden suppossed to be Walking the land nature in hand peace full so said reveberate through out your head Thank for the reminder in that which you wrote
This is a tribute to a fellow Indian. Thank you Karina.