Honor Thy Mother

Created by a God as a woman to give birth,

Her value is immeasurable and there is no price for what she's worth.

We call her Ma, Mama or some choose to call her Mother.

She is the Queen to whom we give honor, and only God is above her.

She suffered the agony of labor, the painstaking push or a deep, long incision.

None of us would be alive today had she made another decision.

God gave her the ability to conceive children and to deliver them into the world.

She toiled for nine long months, more or less, to give birth to a boy or a girl.

Only love could allow anyone to endure what a mother has, then train you up 'til you are grown.

Often times, a mother had to raise provide and discipline her children, and do it all alone.

No matter how bad she may feel or what is going on, a mother will still take care of you.

She's always waiting with a hug and ready to serve her children no matter what we do.

Give tribute to the wonderful woman who gave birth to you because there will never be another.

No wonder God said our days would be lengthened as we always continue to honor our mother!

by Deidre Dixon

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Simply wonderful. and here's random words to make this 20 characters... :)