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Arm: Needle
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Arm: Needle

Poem By Jon Lloyd

Arm: needle;
Needle: arm.
Can’t wait for you
To become better acquainted.

Existence: rapture;
Rapture: existence.
I don’t think you’ve
Met before, have you?

Violence: robbery;
Robbery: violence.
It looks like you
Were made for each other.

Depression: elation;
Elation: depression.
You could almost be
Two sides of the same coin.

Body: grave;
Grave: body.
I sense the start
Of a long-term acquaintance.

©2005 Jon Lloyd

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Comments (10)

Strange poem but I did enjoy it...a lot of different meanings can be read from it. KK
Crazy but I like it! Here's hoping you're a diabetic! ! HG: -) xx
THIS IS A GREAT WRITE JON! KUDOS. ALWAYS AN EXISTENTIAL DILEMMA//////\\\\\\ALMOST A TAUNT IN YOUR ART - with dichotomy like 'keep on livin' or get on with dyin'.' THE THEME IS PROVACATIVE AND YOUR DELIVERY FLAWLESS. George, *likin' the writin'*
tenoutoften Jon, profoundly (well) written, above excellent, chilling realisation... x
I agree...This poem is simple yet deep, each word pairing fits like a glove. The last line is macabre & realistic, which makes it all the more scary..... A gem of a poem. Sincerely Nickie x x