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Poem By william upton

From a world away
It is meant to strike fear in us,
Although it cannot carry appropriate artillery
To fulfill its evil manifesto.
Volatile, hate-spewed rhetoric at jet engine volume
Swallows the evening news with barbaric force.
Unspeakable acts of inhumane violence
Are shown and threatened and used
As a human life and death red rover call out.
Misguided valor under the despicable guise of religious order
Becomes blasphemous idolatry spit in the face of every American.
We are not new to war, nor are we weak.
When pushed, we know what to do.
For those who misjudge this strength,
There will soon be a reality.
There is a price to pay for crimes on humanity
Lying in wait
To permanently answer the beast
From a world away.

Beware, the calm before the storm.

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