Armchair Traveler (With Apoligies To Robert W. Service)

I've climbed the highest mountains, swam the deepest sea,
Struck gold up in Alaska, felled the tallest tree,
I've ridden wild broncos and slept on desert sands,
and lifted massive weights, with these old, arthritic hands.

I've won a hundred female hearts, and never once did marry,
I've drunk my share of beer and ale, and burgundies and sherry,
I've lived life to the hilt, and never have I wanted,
I could tell you of a thousand places, my spirited soul has haunted.

But now it's time to lay aside, the wanton fruits of pleasure,
And sweetly sleep and reminisce, my memories of treasure.
My heart's at peace, and my mind is finally still,
But sometime I'd love to go back, and sometime, by God, I will.

Back to the land, big and empty, where emptiness fills the eyes,
Where the horizon fades to forever, and the silence in silence, lies.
Back to where creation is resting, and man is only a speck,
It's a long, hard road to travel, but Christ, it's well worth the trek!

I'll go back to just look at the vastness, to wonder at it all,
where nothing mars the views, and man is only small.
I may go back tonight, for it's more than I can bear,
But I can do it all...all right, and never leave my chair!

For it's just my imagination, that takes me where I want to go,
The price of admission is nothing, and you cannot beat the show!

by david lessard

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