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Across The Sahara
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Across The Sahara

Poem By Gita Ashok

Arms and legs I now am singing,
and clothes that cover flesh and, clinging,
inspire poets more than Muses,
because bare skin provides excuses
to write, for it’s the mores, stupid,
that give encouragement to Cupid,
erotic helper without malice
to Eros, bowman of the phallus,
and when a girl’s clothes are constricted
a poet’s thoughts may be predicted
to turn to women’s whims and whimsy
when garments flaunted are most flimsy,
and very tight and always better
when wet, because they’re tighter wetter.
Women who would play the field,
suggesting much, with more revealed
on close inspection by their fans,
can cause a poet’s heart to dance
with fantasy the light fantastic,
yet some want cash and don’t take plastic.


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Comments (3)

Love the flow and detail - love it, period.
In some bits of the poem the sounds of your words take over and enact the meaning. Stylistic brilliance. Susie.
Great poem Gershon! I love the rhyming pattern.....it makes it fun. sincerely, Mary