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Arms Bazaar

When Lebanon crosses continental blues
It reaches Megiddo plains that's hopelessly doomed
For more oncoming shellfire, atom bomb scars
And busting embargo terrorist arms bazarres
At a checkpoint the documents you hope they won't find
Yet when there's no rise, you know there's no shrine
Buy sell or trade- it's mostly all Russian made
But these legitimate footholds are slipping away
Intelligence agencies gain along a desolate highway
Behind the hills, there's itchy fingers on the pin
Agent servaillance on watch from afar
A sniper picks him off, yet they'll find no sin
The guerillas have lost this ground in the war
But these hills have not seen the last of conflict
The Apocalypse occurs here- Revelations will admit
When Lebanon Crosses continental blues
It'll reach Megiddo plains that's hopelessly doomed

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