Arms Of Rain

While opening the windows, slowly and gently
I saw, raindrops falling from the sky
On nature like great friends
Meeting again,
Touching every single life of nature
Soothing it.
Trees sparkled with the raindrops on them,
Guilty flowers shined with them,
Birds rushed to their nests
And people hurried to their homes,
At that time in my heart also
It was raining,
The rain of past memories
Sometimes they filled my heart with joy,
The memories in my school life
And sometimes they made a tear drop fall from my eyes
The dark clouds of memories came down as rain in my heart;
The memories of my old good friends
Who had separated from me
Now I don't know where they are
But I know only one thing
Now they all are in different corners of this world.
My eyes were filled the tears
Sitting lonely near the window, I was crying
When I heard the shattering sounds of thunder,
I tend to close my window
Suddenly a cold breeze came to me
I thought, it was the arm of rain
Trying to console me,
To make yourself happy, come with me,
Forget your sorrows; forget yourself in me, it said
And I realized that she was one of my best friends
And I gave myself
In her loving arms
Free from worries
My heart leaped with joy.


by Lakshmi S Bose

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Arms of Rain! Arms of nature. Nice work.