HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

Arms Reached Out

arms reached out

he reaches out with arms too short
his grasp only holds thin air
hiding head under pillow and sheet
to mute his whimpers
a comforter not so comfortable
is wrapped around shivering frame
a feeble attempt
to keep the coldness out of heart
a thief in the night
loneliness has found a victim
he fights a futile war
in defeat he cries out
praying to all the powers that be...

bring me a sinner
bring me a saint
may they be rich
may they be poor
come hither fair virgin
come hither fair whore
whether she possess class
or whether she be crass
will her reach have length
will her hold have strength
can she carry me through the night
can she stay my coming fright
please god please
answer my woefull plea
send someone who can see
send someone reaching for me

he curls up in a ball
and loneliness holds him close
his lashes grow heavy with tears
pulling his eyelids closed
prayers unanswered
nor possibly heard
when slow breath takes him
his arms are still held long
searching, waiting, wanting
tonight he reaches for nothing
and nothingness reaches back

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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