GH (April 24th / Penzance England)

Arnie The Cat

Arnie’s black with some grey hairs
He sits and watches on your stairs
His eyes are bright alert and green
Nothing moves and goes unseen
With speed and grace he runs about
He’d catch a mouse I have no doubt

With female wiles he knows the score
Always wanting more and more
He comes along to twist your arm
And knows the secret, how to charm
All he wants is lots to eat
Does all it takes to get a treat

He rubs his head against your leg
If he could, he’d sit and beg
On your couch do not stir
He’ll snuggle close cheek to fur
But this is not all it seems
Does he love you? in your dreams

He purrs and makes a funny call
Scratches paper off the wall
Open the door he wants to say
Let me out it’s time to play
Freedom’s here to roam afar
But hides himself beneath a car

Wild adventures are his goal
Ready for action heart and soul
Out he pops from rubber hide
Roaming streets from side to side
Eagled eyed he looks around
Hoping love will be found

A sudden sense of deep disdain
Marks his life with sad refrain
His will to live is tested now
He turns around with furrowed brow
Not tonight, they’re all the same
I hate this life it’s just a game

In some strange way he takes the blow
His fruitless task doesn’t show
He’s back in normal loving mode
Accepts the truth of living code
His basket gives him warmth and peace
It’s nice to rest from freedom’s lease

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Comments (5)

And when all is said and done Back home Arnie'll come To take his rightful place on the bed Making just a little space for you to rest your head. There he'll stay till morning time When roaming is no crime. He'll waken you with th' demand 'Open wide the door' it's his plan. Looking both right and left and straight ahead Then he'll return to his warm place in bed. s (As told by archy, mehitabel's friend.)
A perfect description of the character, reminds me of my cat Mario somehow :) Thank you.10+++ Best wishes. A.
You really made me feel like I know Arnie now. You paint a vivid image with your words.
I could fall for Arnie, we used to have three black cats, Simon, Oliver and Robert. Characters all. So affectionate. Loved this poem. Love Ernestine XXX
You have painted an endearing word portrait of your cat. Imagination could do no more. Thank you for sharing him with your readers, Regards, Sandra Fowler