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Aroma Therapy
CM (April 29,1961 / Lewiston, ME USA)

Aroma Therapy

Poem By Cretan Maineiac

Smoke signals call for Philip
Morris, Nicationa
the Klamath called it before chasing down wild

horses, put Jamestown on the
map (payback for the
land grab?) , social rituals embraced, refined, commodified

jones for faux-Turkish blends, later

cured when
fashion intervened,
cult of (obsessive compulsive)

personality kicking the habit to the
curb, regulating
it like natives to

designated outdoor reserves for their
own sake, destiny
manifest in legislated evolution, self-anointed

saviors resurrecting Joe
Camel, invoking
secondhand science & vanity cloaked in health concerns to

justify jizya from
tobacco profiteers to
wellness mullahs, curing

custom and refining history to suit their
taste, the oldest and
most particular Aroma Therapy congregation locked

out, congregants labeled pariahs by
panacea fanatics, air
rage, hypochondria, slave labor smoke

screen Arabs usurping 14th amendment reparations &
bearing Hispanic
surname gift, TB,

MRSA & every strain of
Asian flu ushered
in, Caution Patrol dispersing the curious crowd:

'there's nothing to see here.'

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I rember doctors advisin smoking as an aid to calming stress and curbing appetite If they were wrong then why should I believe they a right now I have beeen smoking or over sixty years with no ill effects. My fathe gave up ar ninety for his health and resumed at ninety five because he had felt no benefit.
'I love the smell of Napalm in the morning' And the Horror of it all......the horror......
YAY! ! ! Pass the lighter.... Erudite C. t x