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Aron Visions-Cauchy3
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Aron Visions-Cauchy3

Whales on backs are lines to cross.
Whammy jinx driven kings.
Go to falls are saying gold.
Brew the yeasts but get no drinks..

Moneys spare the ARON with rods.
Deals remit to belts rebelled.
Real to get must whistle bonds.
Weaves on lobes are earlier eyes.

Moneys ARON as opened buns.
Real to drink is whistled wines.
Cauchy3 to sell are gods to buy.
Hours to Hours and watts are time.

Seek my issues felt my fires.
Hours to Hours and Watts are times.
Metric are clocks and times are passed.
ARON has visions with non on tasks.

Hours to Hours are powers grow.
Needed my glory is bloody gory.
Hawks are axes but gods have sine.
HET-Up Gods and go on vice.

Talks to wishes are gravy trains.
Costs of storms are heavy rains.
Touch the hawks but eat the snakes.
Good on pounds are china mane.

Media cares have strips with sexes.
Media events agents are pens.
Foods are drugs that whale on back.
Gins and grins are axe in man.

Kings are metric passing back.
Kings are metric queens to pad.
Most on backs are mostly facts.
Mostly facts are all too bad.

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