Around And Around

your arms wind around and around
this new straight jacket
binds my thoughts
we are one moment of stillness

your gaze becomes
a glare sometimes
looking out
along an invisible line
into the distance
i am waiting
but the words
won't come

searching for a shirt,
you pause,
soft yolks for eyes
i see the small charcoal figure
who hides
each tiny shard
of your unshaven skin
selects my face.

in its rigidity
your form echoes my own
worst advice
sticking me with
alternate sadness and dislike

Two magnetic soldiers
on opposite poles
moving around and around
the granite island

I sit alone in the dark
peering out at the
small circles of sky
between the silouettes
of trees in your backyard

the game's on.
you take up the whole couch
i crouch on the carpet
just to be near you.
your eyes are radiant
reflections of the screen

moon visible
in the daytime sky,
i see your shadow
through my windshield
we watch the sky grow
pink and gold in silence
i sit on the pavement
you stand near the car
i ride from where i stand
into the deepening blueness

by bypass the muse

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