(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Around The Bend (R)

I‘ve got to contend with this thorn in my flesh,
with terrible heat then coldness, my beloved's
on an even keel but I need a hot water bottle
when temperatures drop & the sun starts in
bright yellow light from behind the clouds, I
have to spray water over my head to cool

My overheating brain: it's very fatiguing to deal
with oversensitive reaction to weather change,
at least I've been sitting with the sun blocked
by reassuring ice-cold clouds, while others sit
quietly at their desks, I'm forced into a deadly
duel with the lurking fever within, provoked to

Attack at the smallest air-con change & the
overbearing sun forces me to defend against
its penetrating laser flashes in a fencing game
I don't enjoy at all, how I wish to be at peace
like the rest of the world, the happy-go-lucky
smugly content insouciants - but the smallest

Increase in ambient heat always drives me
around the bend…

by Margaret Alice Second

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