Around The Lake

Nestled in the mountains deep inside the heart of a city,
the lake nurtures and opens its vast reservoir,
not only to the living creatures small and big,
but also to vast array of human speicies frolicking around its perimeter.

On the footpath around the lake,
the stream of people,
walking, skating, strolling, jogging, and biking,
going round and round the lake,
brings into my mind, the complete harmony in the circle of life.

The crackle of small creek feeding into the lake,
and the joyous sound of little kids playing in the shallow waters,
reminds me of the eternal fusion of soul and mind with nature.

The female duck sits on the banks,
overshadowing its twelve ducklings,
her eyes glowing with eternal happiness,
where no one can dare to perturb her bliss.

The seagulls, geese, swallows and other little birds,
flying over the lake, up and down,
in search of something they relish,
reminds me of the freedom and and joy of living in all of us.

In the summer morning,
the misty vapor streaks from the lake reaching for the skies,
gives me the illusion of a divine soul reaching for the eternity.

The blowing leaves withering from trees,
creates an emptiness in the fall,
which is soon filled with flocks of migrating birds,
of all the beautiful colors, shapes and sizes,
It seems natural to observe,
that nature keeps her balance at all times.

Alas, in the winter,
I do not find anyone around the lake,
however, the rain drops make their presence felt,
filling the depleted lake with bountiful of water.
The fullfillment of natural resources,
is like enriching our conciousness with abundance of knowledge.

The spring brings the emergence of leaves,
and blossoms of all colors in trees,
people practicing tai chi and yoga in colorful costumes,
gives me the aura of self realization in our lives.

The beauty of nature,
mountains, lakes, creeks and all,
will outlive me and millions more,
into the eternity of the universe.

by Jay P Narain

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Comments (3)

i really love this poem thank you
It's so real......very well described!
Excellent, excellent, excellent. I could see it all, the warmth of the summer sun, the chill of the morning air. Great visual poem!